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Hair Salon

About Adonai

When founded in 2016 by Vera Canales, Adonai was created to provide an environment in which all of her clients would feel welcomed into her salon. Welcome to our hair therapy for this beach-tossed town.
We strive to make relationships with all of our clients, and adore shape-shifting your shipwrecked hair! We will explore all essential techniques while helping you create your own, individualized, at-home hair-care routine.
We promise to take you on a transformative journey, and are always open to any questions and suggestions along the way. We will spare no effort to make you look and feel your best, ensuring that when you leave our salon, you will be feeling confident.

Mission Statement

Be respectful of those around you.
Never settle for anything less than your best.
Speak your mind.
Radiate Positivity.
Make every client feel respected and important.
Always stay educated on current techniques and hair fashion.
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